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How To Make A Calendar App

To make your own calendar app user-friendly, you need to consider UI/UX design services. A qualified designer can create an intuitive interface with simple and straightforward navigation. Among the latest design trends are bright colors and simple forms. For example, you can choose a minimalistic but vivid design. It helps pay users’ attention to the app features.

how to make a calendar app

The creation of events is very simple and fast. This calendar has direct integration with Any.Do To-Do List, which gives you a unique tandem of two applications. Calendar also gives you analytics of your meetings, giving you a clear picture on how you can improve your time management.

As for APIs, the most widespread ones are Google Calendar API and Apple EventKit. Also, there are a bunch of exciting libraries for iOS and Android calendar apps. When trying to manage our lives, most people have two types of apps; a calendar for time and a reminder app for checklists. So reminder apps have been trying to add due dates and calendar apps trying to add basic all-day reminders.

It’s time to build our own reminder and calendar app, but let’s start with the goal of our app. It should be designed intelligently and help you through out your day, kind of like an assistant for your time. With Calendars, you’ll never be late for business meetings, family dinners, or birthdays. Create up to five reminders to always be on time. Next, you’ll add the collection view to the view hierarchy and set up its Auto Layout constraints.

Tech Stack To Create Your Own Calendar App

This metadata gives you all the information you need to generate the days of the month, plus a bit extra. You ask the calendar for the number of days in baseDate‘s month, then you get the first day of that month. Tap Complete the Diffable Data Sources tutorial on raywenderlich.com. The first way is that while the app sends you notifications, it also has reminders for you for what is coming up next. That bit of extra time can allow you to prepare and make adjustments to your day if need be.

Google Calendar is the official calendar for Android devices that has been tested out by many users around the globe. If you are right now trying to get away from it, consider changing your mind. To create a user-friendly and intuitive design, UI/UX specialists require tools like Sketch, Illustrator, and Sympli.

  • Also, we’ll cover tools and technologies to create a calendar app or integrate one.
  • Nedley Lifestyle Scorecard is a mood tracking application that is based on the program developed by Dr. Nedley.
  • When you put a reminder to pay your bills in an app, it doesn’t help you to actually complete the task you set out to do.
  • The final tools always depend on your project requirements and business goals.
  • So after my co-worker and I tried a hand-full of apps, we decided to give up.

This also helps keeping up with important events. Ellie combines checklists and your calendar into one place. So after my co-worker and I tried a hand-full of apps, we decided to give up.

Its Time To Go To War With Simplifying Productivity, But We Need You

Also, Google Calendar lets users invite other people to join events. For example, users get customized notifications. Also, we’ve integrated a calendar to allow scheduling various events and add them to the personal calendar. Nedley Lifestyle Scorecard is a mood tracking application that is based on the program developed by Dr. Nedley. This iOS solution has an implemented calendar which users fill in daily and observe how well the mental disorder treatment goes.

how to make a calendar app

SelectionBackgroundView is a red circle that appears when the user selects this cell — when there’s room to display it. Open CalendarDateCollectionViewCell.swift in the CalendarPicker folder. This file contains boilerplate code, which you’ll expand upon.


They all have things I like, but most miss the mark by a wide margin. When it comes to combining both task lists and calendar events into one, the Calendars app currently does it best. Just drag and drop your tasks and events to reschedule an appointment.

Color-code events for faster navigation and reschedule them with drag & drop. This registers the custom cell with the collection view and sets up the data source and delegate. When day is set, you update numberLabel to reflect the new Day. You also update the cell’s accessibilityLabel to a formatted string of day‘s date. This provides an accessible experience for all of users.

how to make a calendar app

However, they aren’t integrated into CalendarPickerViewController. This allows the collection view to recalculate its layout when the device rotates or enters Split View on an iPad. // changes (e.g. entering split view on iPad) to update constraints correctly. Calculate the offset that day is from the first day of the month. If day is in the previous month, this value will be negative.

School App

The calendar app is an excellent way to prioritize projects, track deadlines, and fulfill those tasks that are more significant. To accomplish all the activities easily, users appreciate an opportunity to track all the tasks. Calendars can be accessed from devices the audience uses at work, at home, or via any other device. Besides, we’ll go through the basic features to implement in the calendar app or integrate to the solution of another industry. But it can be tricky and challenging to integrate or develop a calendar app from scratch.

how to make a calendar app

Just type that, and Calendars will create the event, with the right location and contact. Learn iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Flutter and Dart development and unlock our massive catalog of 50+ books and 4,000+ videos. Richard has been doing software professionally for over 40 years, primarily operating systems and network infrastructure with a… Jordan is a full-stack and iOS software engineer in Boise, ID. His hobbies include seeing as many movies per month as possible,… The final step is to head into viewDidLoad() and add the header and footer views to the Hierarchy. AccessibilityDateFormatter is a DateFormatter, which converts the cell’s date to a more accessible format.

Vertically center the collection view within the view controller, shifted down by 10 points. Right now nothing happens, but soon, tapping here will present your calendar control. Download the project materials by clicking the Download Materials button at the top or bottom of this tutorial. The program also supports data transfer through NFC and full-screen widgets, which eases your work with any data. A full version of the application is available for $4.99, but you can also find a free version for the app test drive.

Apis To Build A Calendar App

Let’s find out when the in-app calendar is a nice-to-have feature for success. Also, we’ll cover tools and technologies to create a calendar app or integrate one. Time management becomes challenging due to an ever-rising number of events to visit and tasks to complete for work and leisure. A lot of applications have an in-app calendar, a modern and sought-after feature. Сalendars app is an impressive calendar app for iOS that looks terrific and offers easy-to-use features.

A lot of medical websites and apps integrate calendar features to allow scheduling appointments with doctors or tracking drugs intake. Online education is becoming more and more popular these days. To make it comfortable and useful, educational platforms integrate calendars. There are a bunch of different ways to use the in-app calendar . Also, apps can send users notifications informing about the beginning of the course, scheduled event, and more. According to Statista, the total number of Google Calendar downloads in the Google Play Store was 6.59 million in June 2021.

More Productivity Apps For Better Time Management

The fantastical calendar app is on the list of the best 2020 apps. Although UIDatePicker works well for basic tasks, it lacks important context for guiding users to the date they want to select. In daily life, you use a calendar to keep track of dates. A calendar provides more context than UIDatePicker, as it tells you what day of the week a date falls on. The second function – which is more important – is the heat map when you go to see the full view of your calendar.

Some events are happening regularly – like visiting a gym or Spanish classes. Create an event that repeats every week, month, or even every 3rd Tuesday of a month. We have a powerful iPhone calendar app on our hands here – meetings, locations, notes, tasks…everything under one roof. See your availability and what’s ahead today, this week, or month.

The Myth Of The Perfect Productivity System

If you are not searching for something complicated and over-functional, Today Calendar is what you need. You can always test the application before paying for it – the program is available for free. The application supports Google Calendar, as well as tasks, widgets, lunar calendar and even https://globalcloudteam.com/ Foursquare. DigiCal Calendar is very similar to Cal Calendar in the fact that the application focuses on design more than on its functionality. However, this doesn’t mean that the application doesn’t serve the purpose. Apart from its extended functionality, Cal Calendar is easy to use.

Apple also offers various tools for calendar app development or integration. EventKit helps get access to calendar data, so it’s easy to create and edit events in the app. Also, Apple provides EventKitUI with different interfaces to add to your application. There are a lot of technologies that developers can utilize for calendar app development.

There are many other features that deserve the attention of people who really like to use calendar applications. Also, to make your own calendar app, you need a programming language. However, it’s better to consult with a team of qualified developers to pick the tech stack that follows your requirements. To gain more users, you need to provide some interesting features. For example, to make the app more personalized and user-friendly, you can offer users a customizable calendar app. It’s good to let users change the color of the event or choose different styles.

With a single tap, you can add something to that time and be more productive. A problem we found with existing apps is that they showed you free time in a complicated set of boxes or they don’t show you free time at all. Bring all your calendars and tasks together to have everything at a glance and achieve your peace of mind. The mobile development how to make a calendar app world moves quickly — and you don’t want to get left behind. Learn iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Dart, Flutter and more with the largest and highest-quality catalog of video courses and books on the internet. You might have noticed that CalendarPickerHeaderView.swift and CalendarPickerFooterView.swift are already inside the project.

She isn’t smart enough to let you fix it , but at least you can know there might be a problem.

Need to order an Uber in the morning to catch a flight? Calendar apps today are isolated from other apps and things don’t feel integrated. When you put a reminder to pay your bills in an app, it doesn’t help you to actually complete the task you set out to do. We want to help people avoid leaving their calendar and searching through their phone to open an app; it should just be one tap.

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